Therapy in English

Customer Experience: Life Changing!


A life changing experience! You start to understand the ”why’s” of your emotions and most importantly, how to deal with them. All this translates to better life quality.

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Pariterapia yhdelle? Couples therapy for an individual?


Psychotherapy Networkerissa julkaistiin 17.3.2015 erinomainen artikkeli. Artikkelin aiheena on, kannattaako/voiko pariterapiaan tulla yksin. Perinteisesti ajatellaan, että pariterapia tarkoittaa molempien puolisoiden osallistumista. Artikkelin mukaan pariterapiaan kannattaa ja voi tulla yksinkin. Samaa mieltä ovat myös terapeuttimme Dan,

Customer experience: short-term therapy


Some of the clients are happy to share their thoughts about their therapy process, in order to help and encourage others to get professional help. In the end of the last session, wise words from

We conduct therapy in English, too


In case you’re looking for an english speaking, professional psychotherapist, you’re browsing the right site. We serve both individuals and couples, helping out in all kind of crisis life may suddenly bring. First visit (30min)